If you are a regular in the Alps, you will no doubt have seen stickers on the back of cars, proudly stating “In Tartiflette We Trust”. Tarti-what? Tartiflette – Think melted cheese, onions, diced bacon - combined with the carb-loading comfort of steaming golden potatoes. After a long morning tearing up the snow, nothing beats refuelling the real Alpine way – with a large serving of Tartiflette.  [...]

This coming winter, 2020/2021, promises to be a little different to previous seasons. To ensure our guests’ comfort and guarantee an experience that suits you, we have pivoted to now offer our guests varying food options. We now offer fully catered, self-catered or our new “flexi catered” service. Here we’ll go through all 3, and why they might be right for you…  [...]